Frequently Asked Questions

Digital media focuses on keeping the end user informed. Our core business centres on keeping our clients informed. Whilst the list below is not exhaustive please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Not at Widescope. We will provide you with a clear quotation prior to any work starting and work with you to ensure it is within your budget. If during development the specification changes (say for example you decide you want to install a gallery rather than just a series of images) we will detail any potential costs and confirm agreement before implementing them.

Once the project is live there will be no additional costs for web development unless you request them. The only annual costs are your web hosting renewal if you hosted with us.

We are programmers by trade, we don't believe in the hard sell so you won't get anything you don't need from us.

Good targeted copy is vital for a websites success. Quite often the owner of the site is best suited to write this due to their knowledge of the subject matter. However, the difficulty of writing copy for a new site is something a lot of clients underestimate when planning a new site. In addition content should be created with the end user in mind especially in terms of search engine promotion. At Widescope we can either work with you to write the text or leave the copy to yourself. We'll support you either way.

A Content Management System (CMS) is an intuitive, web-based publishing tool, which allows non-technical staff to go into your website and manage the site, making any changes necessary from an internet-enabled computer. Our CMS is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, which makes it really easy to update information on the site. To control the look of the content, the user is able to edit the website content, together with managing the site’s navigational layout and structure. All changes are made via a normal web browser, so no specialist software is required. Widescope Web Designs CMS is user-friendly. We provide training, together with a manual, so each client is able to use our CMS efficiently after his/her website is launched.

A domain name is the part of a website address after the “www”. In the website name “”, the domain name is “”. In addition, the domain name is used as the suffix part of an e-mail address such as, etc. Domain names are unique and when selecting a domain name to use for your business, relevancy and memorability are important.

We can register a domain name for you but recommend where possible you do this yourself through a reputable registrar. A domain name is a valuable asset for your company and as such we believe you should retain full control. However a lot of our clients ask us to do this on their behalf. Either way, the domain name is registered for you and providing you ensure the domain is paid for in advance this always belongs to you. On average a domain name costs between £10 and £20 depending upon the services required (We always register for two years).