We develop websites and helpful web applications for companies worldwide. Thats what the web is about. Interaction on a regional, national or even global scale.

We’re from Blyth, Northumberland (most of us) and we love what we do. Being north of Newcastle hasn’t stopped us reaching further afield. In fact it’s worked in our favour. Cheaper overheads without comprimising on quality of service or customer support. Our customers in Ireland, the United States and London are just a few who would agree.

You see our approach is quite simple. It is based on three things: You, your target audience and converting your potential audience to sales. A website might be technical in nature but business is about people. If we understand your business the rest can be left to us.

In the modern world your business needs a web site. Your website needs to be found and every lead should convert. In an ideal world that would be the case. Perhaps thats why you’ve stumbled upon us. Serendipity, we hope.

Whether you are a small independantly run office or a large multi national organisation you work to achieve set goals. At Widescope we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business, a loyal employee you can trust to get the job done within budget and on time. Without asking for sickpay or maternity leave.


Let’s be honest. You make decisions that affect your company every day. You need to look at every opportunity you get and invest in every lead sent your way. That is why your website is important. A website is a silent partner that brings customers to your door. We believe it’s a living breathing entity that grows with you, something that needs care and attention without breaking the bank. In good times or bad your web site points people to your products and services working hard 24 hours a day to remind them why you are the best at what you do.

Thats what a web site is supposed to do. Isn’t it?

We think so. With bells and whistles and support from a team that care.

Anyway, we’ve just relaunched a whole host of services that we think might interest you. This website (widescope.net – shameless plug) is just one of them. Have a look around and you’ll get an idea of what we as a company are about. Widescope Web Design has been here since 1998. We’re not going anywhere else because we believe in what we do. So feel free to ask the questions that need answering – after which we’re sure you’ll feel the same way too.

Google Black Bar

Google as a leader in user conversion has today launched its black bar menu.  As the masters of search its no suprise that they are revising the layout of their home page once again, but the interest here lies in its current attempt to derail Facebook as the king of social networks.  The new "Black Bar" user interface is set to feature heavily in the new design and from what we can tell it looks like Google are upping the ante on social integration.

[Wed 29Jun 10:37]

blythtown.net:- Website Now Live

Widescope.net is pleased to announce the launch of www.blythtown.net.

This website holds news and updates of events and community information in and around Blyth. Overall, it keeps the local community refreshed in what’s hot in entertainment, shopping, food, sport, culture and so much more....

www.blythtown.net helps promote local business for local people with regular articles from a dedicated team.

[Wed 29Jun 10:37]

Widescope Web Freedom Live

Our new low cost solution for online businesses has now been launched.

The solution starting for as little as £30 per month has add-ons that can be used to edit your own website, trade online and market effectively over the internet.   With feature rich tools that also allow monitoring of all traffic to your website we're confident it'll help get smaller businesses online for a low monthly cost.

For more information go to Widescope Web Freedom.

[Wed 29Jun 14:17]