Today it is estimated that over 300 billion email messages are sent worldwide per day. That's a lot of mail. With the estimated amount of users being nearly one quarter of the worlds population it is obvious that the invention of email has changed how we interact with one another. In fact between 2008 and 2009 the increase of NEW email users alone was over 100 million.

In business it is important to co-ordinate supplies, sales and correspondence via email on a daily basis. Why? Because your competitors are. .

At Widescope Web Design we not only maintain our own mail services but also offer our clients the ability to manage these themselves. With over 81% of messages sent in 2010 being defined as "Spam" we deliver POP3, IMAP, Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange based solutions that allow you to keep ahead of the evils of the internet. With POP3 accounts, branded to your domain name and up to 1GB of storage space standard we ensure your email is accessible 365 days of the year for as little as £25.

As our Email platform is constantly evolving, please feel free to visit this page at a later date to see if we've got anything new on the horizon. As the internet adapts our intention is to do also.