Privacy Settings (Basic) – Tips

Many high-traffic websites have improved on the aspects of security and privacy these past few years, so it shouldn’t surprise you to see privacy features when you visit your account settings. You just have to make use of them.

Here are three simple, practical, and sensible steps you can take now, to achieve a more private—and secure—online life.

1. Check your browser’s privacy options

Your browser is your gateway to the Internet. Unfortunately, few of them have ideal privacy and security settings […]

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud computing?

‘Cloud computing’ is a term often used but, as with other terminology used by IT professionals and enthusiasts, there can be an assumption that everyone knows what it means. So, what does cloud computing actually mean?

‘Cloud computing’ is a metaphor for enabling tasks to be performed online, over the internet, rather than on-site or in a physical location. A common example of this is utilising cloud computing to store data which would ordinarily take up valuable […]