Author - Steve Bradley

Prepare Your Wi-Fi Router for the Upcoming UK Heatwave

As a surge of heat approaches the UK, thousands of individuals may encounter temporary disruptions in their internet connectivity unless they take proper precautions with their Wi-Fi routers. The anticipated late summer heatwave has the potential to create challenges for staying connected online. Projections from the Met Office indicate that temperatures might soar to an astonishing 32°C on both Wednesday and Thursday, with nighttime temperatures remaining above 20°C.

However, it’s not just humans who will feel the heat during this […]

A must-read – “Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition.”

Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition,” is widely regarded within the web design community as a usability bible for the layperson. In his concise guide, Krug demystifies web usability for both newcomers and experienced individuals.

Having designed websites for nearly three decades, I often revisit his work to make sure new projects remain true to our client’s goals. Countless web designers and developers have turned to the expertise of […]

Female web designer looking at monitor displaying the word pizza

7 Practical Ways to Enhance Your Website Homepage

Revamp Your Online Presence! Elevate your website’s impact with 7 Proven Strategies for an effective Homepage. 🚀 From captivating content updates to seamless mobile responsiveness, learn the art of modern web design. Boost user engagement, conversions, and credibility.